The future of The T.V,

So I just saw the podcast of day zero and it brought something to my attention, what is it I want the TV to do for me. I cant say that android is the answer, I believe a TV is made to entertain and its not the Internet i have Netflix already and I''m not really in to YouTube on the TV well manufactures i don't know what that leaves you with with the platform we currently have is out dated I envision a programming more similar with the one i grew up with but light years better the way the Tv transition from one channel to next its seems so pointless.

I also had an idea, of how Pandora works where you pick a song and it matches it with another similar to that genre, what if the TV could be like that. I must admit the remote for TV is a crucial selling point but this seems to be very tough at getting right the qwerty seem the best solution but it doesn't feel right.

well as these task seem to bother us all, we will have to just probably wait until then to see what the future of TV will be.