Google TV's attempted resurgence here at CES just got another push as Google has officially announced that OnLive will be coming to the platform as an app. the news confirms news we'd heard last month and frankly it was probably inevitable once Google got apps going on its TV platform. The OnLive Viewer app is available now, actually, but sadly all it will let you do is watch other gamers play games in the "Arena" and engage in a few of OnLive's social features. Proper streaming games are still coming, though an exact date isn't yet known. However there will be Google TV products that will have Google TV built in by the OEM — although some of those OEMs already have Google TV built into their own Smart TV platforms, like Vizio. To play, users can get a $49.99 OnLive Universal Controller and that same controller will work with the iPad and Android devices. All Google TV devices should be compatible with the app.