As if there was any surprise, Microsoft's CES space — vacated once and for all in just a few days' time — has been sold for next year. It took all of 45 minutes, according to a source speaking with CNET, and was split between Dish and Chinese manufacturer Hisense. The final price is said to have been the same as Microsoft would've paid if it had stayed. The source also hinted that the 2013 opening keynote — usually delivered by Ballmer and company — had been chosen, only saying that it a company "that everyone has heard of and will generate a lot of excitement." (We're hoping it's one-man show marking the return of Zoll, personally.) At any rate, it's good to see Intel will have a neighbor next year (assuming the company keep the same space it has for years' past), although we can't help but love the idea of a huge plot of empty floor space. Right at the front of Central Hall, prime real estate. Dish and Hisense, be ready to go big with booth flashiness.