Sony Entertainment Network president Tim Schaaff just announced a bold move for the company's Music Unlimited service: this quarter, the company will expand beyond its Android wheelhouse by launching an app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. "You can be a Sony customer, but that doesn't mean that every product you own has to come from Sony," Schaaff told us, and suggested that the iOS app will have feature parity with Android, too. When we asked if Sony would reserve any features for Android, he said no, although he entertained the idea of having features exclusive to particular devices in the future, as well as more promotional deals. The app will be one-size-fits-all at first, but a dedicated iPad version will arrive afterwards.

The other big news for premium Music Unlimited subscribers is that the app will be updated to cache your music offline, storing up to 5GB or 6GB of music on your device so you can keep listening on the road or during your flight. Last but not least, a new deal with a new label, CSBaby, brings the Music Unlimited total to 15 million songs.