Tely Labs' Android-powered Skype webcam was revealed shortly before CES 2012, but we got a hands-on with this interesting new gadget today. The Kinect-looking webcam is unique, thanks to the fact it's powered by Android and simply plugs into any existing TV with a HDMI port. TelyHD's hardware features a Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, USB port, wired and wireless connectivity, and an SD slot.

The telyHD sits on top of a TV, and doesn't require a special connection or Skype-ready television to work — it boots into Android and straight into a Skype application. Tely Labs, who partnered with Skype, says it's open to Android developers taking a look at the device, and is actively working with the developer community to identify apps that take advantage of its hardware. The telyHD is designed as an affordable alternative to Skype-ready TVs, but at $249 it's still a tad pricey. If Android developers manage to port apps across then this little webcam has great potential.