To go along with Samsung's new AllShare Play technology, the company is launching a streaming media device know as the Optical SmartHub. There's a wireless router built-in, so you can set this box up as your primary access point and use it to serve media up from an external hard drive (there's no internal storage). If you use Samsung's AllShare Play, you can access your content anywhere you can get online, not just across a local network, so this makes for an ideal media streamer if you don't want to leave your computer running constantly. There's also a "smart backup" feature for Android phones — if you have the corresponding SmartHub app, you can back your phone's content up onto the Optical SmartHub. You can also manually back up files to an external drive hooked up to the SmartHub from your Mac or PC as well. There's also an 8X DVD burner (but no Blu-ray support), so you can drop a disc in and access it from anywhere on your Wi-Fi network through devices like laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Samsung's Optical SmartHub device will be available in Q1 and will retail for $129.99 — a little pricy considering there's no built-in storage or Blu-ray compatibility.