The iPhone Case: To Be or Not To Be?

I have owned two iPhones so far. Last year i picked up my first iPhone 4, and loved it. I loved it a little bit less after i dropped it from around four feet and gave it a scary looking crack going across the phone, right under the camera. That was with a case on. Although it was just a stupid plastic case, there was something between my iPhone and the ground.

Of course Anyone with common sense can see, however, that a thin case like that would not hold up well under a drop. I knew that. So later, i got a bigger case. I have a 4S now, it has always been in a shock-absorbant case. But it's not really an iPhone 4S anymore.

Sure, it runs iOS. Likely most people could spot it and know what it is. But I don't get to experience the iPhone anymore. When i do take my case of to clean the phone, I can't help but to stop and admire it. A beautiful stainless steel band gently wraps around a sexy glass front and back. It is truly a beautiful piece of hardware. Sadly, I have to cover that up. I have to keep closed away from my eyes and everyone else's because it's to fragile. Honestly, that really blows.

I think what Apple has done here is made a phone. That's it. It's not really optimized for humans to use. I don't think any thought was given as to what would happen if it was dropped. The executives might not have been too concerned. They unlike most of us have the cash to pick up another one if something happened to it.

What do you guys think? Is the iPhone too fragile? What are your experiences with the hardware? I'm very interested to see.