Day two of CES 2012 may have been a little slow on the new product front, but that doesn't mean that the we weren't busy getting our hands on a bunch of new gadgets announced at the convention so far. We may have already reviewed the Japan version of Sony's PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi, but today we got our hands on the model for AT&T's 3G network, a device we were saddened to learn is locked to the carrier. The Vita truly shows how the Sony's handheld offerings have evolved in the last few years — if you don't believe us, check our comparison. We also got our hands on the Motorola XT928 and MT917, two new high-end smartphones both boasting beautiful 4.5-inch 720p Gorilla Glass displays that we thought were nice enough to possibly compare to the Lumia 900, Galaxy Nexus and even iPhone 4S. Sadly, as of this writing, they're only available in China. We additionally got a chance to revisit the Wii U, suffering plenty of embarrassment in Chase Mii and Battle Mii. Whether or not those graphics compare to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is up to you. Finally, we saw the iNuke Boom, an iPhone speaker dock (for lack of a better descriptor) that measures a whopping 8-feet diagonally, and comes with a huge price-tag to match. While there may not be anything else like it, the Boom matches up quite nicely to a few other speaker docks we can only describe as being... unique.

Despite the slight lull in announcements today, the Verge Database team has managed to enter well over 400 products since the start of CES 2012 into the industry's only always updating database of all the hottest new gadgets. Below are a few of the standouts from day two of CES 2012.

WikiPad:3D, an Ice Cream Sandwich-running tablet that offers a decent glasses-free 3D experience. Compare it to some new and popular tablets here. For some more details, check our our hands-on!

Sony NEX-FS100, a professional grade camera with an interchangeable lens. Check it out against some other high-end camcorders.

SuperTooth Disco 2, an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker able to create true stereo sound by having two speakers connect to one device, that competes with the Jawbone Jambox (and others).

Samsung Chromebox Series 3, a small form factor PC running Chrome OS. See how it stacks up against some other small-form-factor PCs. While there and on the topic of Chrome, we checked out the Series 5 Chromebook. Compare it to some other slim new laptops here.

Micro Velocity Shine, a relatively inexpensive portable projector small enough to fit in your pocket, but still offers specs that compare to larger projectors.