Youtube Sucks on WP7!, UPDATE 1/13/2012

Can someone please explain why the Youtube app is just a damn link to the mobile site? Also are there even any good Youtube apps in the Marketplace? With people always saying how great WP7 is I would have thought that they would have mentioned something like this but I guess that even WP7 has it's blind fanboys also.

Can someone please help me out here.

Also are there any other major downsides to WP7 that I should know about?

Thanks for the comments and help guys. I see that this is a problem between Google and Microsoft but more Google.

Also I am a iOS 5.0(iPod Touch), Android 4.0.2(GSM Galaxy Nexus), WP7.5(HTC Radar 4G) user. I only say this because I like to know the strength and weaknesses of every major mobile OS.

JimmyFal linked me to a video showing off the new Supertube. Thanks Jimmy.