As per usual, Samsung announced a boatload of TVs during its press conference earlier in the week, so we hit the floor to pull out the highlights. The most stunning display was certainly the 55-inch OLED prototype, which we heard should be on sale by the 2nd half of the year. The viewing angles were superb, the bezel was nearly invisible, and the back was essentially a giant metal mirror — certainly one of the nicest products we've seen this week. As for products shipping sooner, Samsung's Series 8 LED TVs were nearly as impressive as the OLED and support Samsung's smart interactions. They're also even bigger — the screen tops out at 75 inches. The Series 7 and Series 8 TVs also support the new smart evolution upgrade kit, though we still were unable to get a look at the port itself. There was also a prototype of Samsung's 70-inch 4K by 2K ultra high definition display. There's no word on when this might hit the market, but the rest of Samsung's displays (minus the OLED) should hit the market sometime in Q1. To these models and more, check out the gallery below.