Windows Phone 7 and Support for External Hardware/Devices

Ok, so this is my first time posting on these forums, but I've been a long time reader. I love that The Verge is at least giving Microsoft a chance unlike the seemingly growing bias at Engadget. But I digress. I own a Windows Phone right now, the Focus, and absolutely love it. I used an Android device before - the G2- as well as an N900. Didn't really have any qualms about the G2 and Android, but it was kind of frustrating to use at times with inconsistencies between apps (ex., I called someone and was listening to music using a 3rd party app and the app kept playing my music) and some stuttering in the interface. I enjoyed the power of Android but love the usability, fluidity, and "it-just-works-iness" of WIndows Phone. So then I switched back to AT&T, and got the Focus, mainly because it was free, and decided to go with an iPad for my "power needs".

Lately though, I've been increasingly hoping to commit to a mobile OS, and I know right now it's too soon to fully decide, but one of my biggest questions has been; will Windows Phone ever get the third party consumer hardware support that iOS and even Android get? For example, I read articles left and right about how Android and iOS are able to control the AR.Drone, or some new consumer robot or toy. In a simpler scenario, I go into stores and see bluetooth headsets that have support for text dictation ("and more!") on Android and iOS devices. More so, I walk into the Apple store and see all these cool devices that can interact with or latch onto an iOS device and add to its capabilities. I'm no hacker or dev so I was hoping someone could answer this. And I do figure that more people will develop for WP7 once marketshare increases. I also have seen Windows Phone work with some external hardware, but most of the time that is thanks to the hacker community. And I'm sure that the fact that having a micro-USB connection is somewhat limiting (compared to Apple's dock). But I guess my overall question for the more tech-knowledgable is, Is such third party consumer hardware support even possible?