We already showed you Novatel's new 4620L Jetpack mobile hotspot for Verizon, but the company also has the new ZTE Jetpack EuFi890 on display, which is a far less sexy offering. This Jetpack has a much larger footprint than the Novatel version, and I was surprised at how large the 3.49-inch square piece of hardware actually was in person. It resembles the Sprint Overdrive of yesteryear, though it's rounded and has signature Verizon red accents. It supports up to 10 simultaneous devices and runs on LTE, though it also has global capabilities for use abroad. I wasn't impressed with its painfully-dim OLED display for managing settings or its capacitive touch keys — both of which seem unnecessary on a device like a mobile hotspot. There's still no price or release date, but it is "coming soon."