Bloomberg is reporting today that the iPad 3 has gone into production ahead at Foxconn of a planned March debut — manufacturing will apparently be running at full-tilt by February. The new tablet is said to have a quad-core processor, a high-res display, and LTE — all specs we've heard in the past, but Bloomberg says it has three sources confirming the news. Apple's said to be okay with the increased power draw of the LTE chipset because of the iPad's larger battery, and the display is said to look like "printed material," which lines up nicely with the 2048 x 1536 resolution that's been rumored forever — that would be a pixel density of 253dpi, which isn't quite up to Apple's Retina Display standard of 300dpi, but still much higher than the current iPad 2's 132.

We're obviously digging for as much additional info as we can find — we'll let you know.