Galaxy Nexus Sleep of Death, and Other Horsesh*t

Oh wow. I've had my Galaxy Nexus for almost a month now, and I've had relatively few niggles and have been really happy with my device. Yesterday, I received the update for Android 4.0.2, and downloaded it. Since then, I've had the Sleep of Death (SOD) happen to me twice, where a phone doesn't wake up from the screen being turned off and a battery pull is necessary to get the phone working again. To make matters worse, the first time was overnight - meaning my morning alarm didn't go off. To quote our esteemed editor - "horsesh*t".

This isn't an isolated incident among GN users, and it's not something we as consumers should tolerate. Yeah, it's technology, it's new, it's evolving. The fact is, the likes of Google and Apple want (and are counting on) us becoming increasingly tied to our mobile phone. And for a significant proportion of the world (i.e. everyone who reads The Verge), that's already happened. We can't accept margins of error from companies who want their products to become essential parts of our lives.

What do you guys think? Has anyone else experienced the dreaded SOD?