Should I buy an iPad 3?

I'm waiting for Windows 8 tablets to hit the market but since that wont happen for at least another 6 to 9 months I'm thinking about buying an iPad 3 to use meanwhile and then sell it later on without making a huge loss (I've heard Apple products have pretty good resell value).

I will mainly use the tablet for:

1. web surfing

2. watching 720p mkv:s and avi:s streamed from a PC (legally ripped from my own blu-rays of course)

3. writing doc/docx documents

4. reading pdf documents

5. taking notes at school

What I'm most concerned about is that it won't do 2 and 3 very well (or at all, that's two of many reasons I'm buying a W8 tablet later on). Keep in mind that if I buy an iPad I won't be buying any expensive apps since I'm only keeping it for a limited time, and I don't have any other products in the Apple ecosystem.

I won buy any android tablets since they will likely drop massively in value over time.