Robert Scoble just said this, this, this and that!

So I was on my Google+, which I'm still using immensely lesser than I do my Facebook or Twitter when I came across a post by our good friend Robert Scoble. It was a post in response to one Mr. Hillel Fuld of Business Insider whose article proclaimed that we should not count out Windows Phone as yet. Mr. Fuld in his article stated some pretty logical stuff that even I as a youngster and not yet an industry professional, was able to agree with. But then Mr. Scoble in his response, used his own "evidence" and opinions of other people in his social strata to say that WP7's days are pretty much done.

He even said that SKYPE won't be on the current generation of Windows Phone as CEO Tony Bates? (He couldn't even list the guys name) said that to him during a dinner they had.

He also used the fact that an assistant of a Mobile Expert by the name of Sascha Pallenberg, said that she absolutely hated using it and she's forcing herself to use it and that that's the same response she got from others who used it. Mr. Scoble also stated that his own companions and people he interacts with also have a negative response to Windows Phone.

If you have a G+ Read here: If not (Or you don't want to sign in) Go to My SkyDrive Public folder here and see his post in a synced Word Doc online.

He keeps reiterating a lot of the Windows Phone has no apps, No one wants to develop for Windows Phone.

Air your opinions on this. I think a lot of is pretty absurd.

Here are some screenshots of things he said:









Btw here's an interesting comment by someone on the post. Sure you get a half-assed WP look but you don't get the buttery smooth experience ;)



Now! Here's a more sensible comment on Scoble's post, even though there're some things I may disagree with slightly



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