Good resources to get into Electronics

Hey ,

I'm a 16 boy who wants to get into electronics , I know alot about computers and programming . I want to gain knowledge in the hardware field because without the hardware there would be no software.

I've done a couple of electronic kits in the past but never taken the time to really understand how it all fits together .

Currently I'm doing this 130 in 1 electronic lab toy . Although I'm finding that I'am learning from it , it doesn't really provide enough information on why the components are used the way they are.

I was wondering if you guys know of or used a good resource that teaches you how to read a circuit diagram (I'm starting to grasp it), what each component does , how it does it ,when you would use it etc and maybe a few pratical projects that are not going to blow my budget ( Working as a casual at maccas) .I don't want it to have too much information or too little I'm looking for something that meets the sweetspot and something that I'm not going to fall asleep reading/watching.