The ASUS Padfone will have a keyboard dock accessory

What does everyone think about this?

Personally, I think it looks quite good. I was unsure of it when it was first announced in 2011, but now after CES '12, I'm looking at it as my next phone. ICS really does that thing justice. Hope the phone part has a 720p screen, large battery, dual (definitely) or quad core processor, and at least a 4.3/5 inch screen. Oh and a reasonable camera.

The tablet looks interesting. Looks a bit like a tape recorder, deck things from days of old. Quite retro.

But what I really wanted this thread to be for is to discuss the image below.


I think these to slots on the bottom of the device are for the Padfone's keyboard dock, and I think that's why The Verge's editors weren't allowed to look too closely at it. If you watch the video, the guy holding the tablet goes around the outside and speaks about the ports (headphones, hdmi, etc) and get to this point, says about the charging connection, but doesn't say anything else. Has he been silenced by ASUS? Does he know what the ports mean?

I have also watched the video and I noticed that this is not the side where the phone is docked to the tablet. That's the other side; the 'top' of the tablet in landscape view.

Thoughts on this?