WP7 could use Windows 8 "Semantic Zoom" feature

I was playing around with an app in the wp7 marketplace called "New Group*" which groups apps according to a category you specify on the start screen. Its a great way to organize your live tiles for easier view of all the live tile data. So I set up my Radar in preparation for the new semester next week and then it hit me. Microsoft could implement semantic zoon to quickly jump to my a particular app group of live tiles.

If you aren't aware Windows 8 will include a new feature called Semantic Zoom. With a pinch gesture you can see a zoomed out view of all of your groups of tiles on a single screen. From there you can move groups of apps around and also rename them.


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This could potentially solve the long start screen of apps problem since wp7 is limited to only 2 screens! Here are a few screen shorts of my start screen


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via f.cl.ly

Just tapping the group title could zoom out the screen to all apps then you just jump to the group wish to see. Could be useful!

The app "New Group" is here