My Gadgets and Phonespotting

It's not a new idea. A good number of other Forums and Websites do something similar.

Basically the idea is to give each User a "My Gadgets" page, where they search and select phones, tablets, laptops, mice etc, and create a list of the stuff they own, what they Want to Buy, what is in their Junk Pile. Their ISP, and Phone Carrier and plans. Just a bit of self-obsessive cataloging of Stuff.

From this you can make lists of the Most Popular devices, see who has Spent The Most on stuff, or get User Ratings. All sorts of numbers and graphs and tables for the statistics lovers out there. That's the first part.

The second suggestion is even nerdier. Phonespotting.

I know you all do it. At lunchtime, walking down the street, at work, you are all looking at what phones and tablets people are carrying. Lots of iPhones, and HTCs, and ooooh... is that a Pre? So to complete this nerdish nosiness, we need a Phonespotting list. A long list of phones, allowing us to tick off phones as we see them, obsessing over spotting that rare Pantech squarephone in the wild. I know. It's pretty pathetic.