Starting off 2012 in the same vein as we ended 2011, we've got another big online security breach on our hands. This time it's web retailer Zappos, who has been informing its customers overnight that it has been "the victim of a cyber attack." Unauthorized access to Zappos' data servers has exposed a great of customer data, including names, email and shipping addresses, the last four digits of credit card numbers, and the "cryptographically scrambled" version of passwords to the site.

Zappos is quick to point out that the database hosting full payments details for its 24 million customers has not been breached. Nonetheless, all user passwords have been reset and security messages have been posted to both and (an affiliate retail site that has been similarly affected) urging customers to set up a new passcode. Zappos promises to cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities and to conduct a thorough investigation.

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