Liquid Image already offers a number of goggle-mounted cameras for the extreme sports crowd, letting users record and share their unique point-of-view. The company's now removing the googles from the equation and introducing the Liquid Image Ego: a small, water resistent HD video camera with built-in Wi-Fi. Liquid Image is focusing this camera around a number of different mounts: the company will be building a variety of mounts for products like surfboards, roll bars, handlebars, and windshields, allowing athletes in sports that don't typically use googles an easy way to record the action from their point of view (or to point the camera up at their face for reaction shots, hence the Ego moniker).

The camera itself is water resistent and quite tiny, measuring less than 3 inches in all dimensions, with a 2-inch LCD and two control buttons. It also has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can stream real-time to tablets, smartphones, or computers (provided you have a Wi-Fi connection and the proper apps, which are currently under development). The Ego can shoot in up to 1080p at 30 frames per second and also offers a 720p 60 frames per second mode, so you can choose which suits your activity better. As for storage, it takes up to 32GB of microSD memory (though what's in the box, if anything, isn't mentioned). This camera should be available by June 2012 for $149. It doesn't sound like the Ego has much in the way of ruggedized protection, so it might not survive too many wipeouts — but it should provide an affordable option for those who want to record their adrenaline-filled activities.