Nokia Lumia 800 has a weird bug that won't allow users to cut their calls!

This is my First post on The Verge and I'm completely honored to be here joining you!

I recently got a Nokia Lumia 800, which I reviewed and everything went well, except for the battery life initially. I then got the phone replaced by the vendor itself, just two days after its release. And now, a software bug will not allow me to cut the calls which run over a minute on the Lumia 800.

Many say that this is a proximity sensor bug that is causing this issue. But I wonder how a new device would have such a issue, since the probability is too low. When I contacted Nokia, they told they were aware of this issue and are working on it.

Do you have this issue? Are there any workaround? And is the Lumia 800 having a bad time in the market?