Microsoft's second-generation Surface tabletop, also known as Samsung SUR40 and on pre-order since November, is now shipping. The 40-inch multitouch LCD with Full HD, 1920 x 1080 resolution is an AMD chipset, Windows 7, and Microsoft's PixelSense technology. The Gorilla Glass will keep it safe — the $8,400 start price (display only; $9,049 for the tabletop with matching stand) will keep it out of your home. Samsung is currently showing it off at the National Retail Federation conference, as if the MSRP wasn't enough of an indication that this is decidedly not ready for the consumer market. That hasn't stopped developers from making a number of interesting consumer-friendly tabletop games and apps — something tells us Dungeons & Dragons, for example, isn't going to convince anyone on the retail side of its potential. At-home use is still, unfortunately, a generation or two away for all but the most lavish of home theater investors.