It looks like HP has just one-upped the launch of Samsung's SUR40 Microsoft Surface: the company has just announced the HP VantagePoint, a massive 132-inch multitouch display wall. The VantagePoint actually consists of six HP LD4730 47-inch displays (covered in Gorilla Glass) all linked together to create an 11- by 7-foot display with a total resolution of 4098 x 1536. A professional-grade HP Z800 workstation handles the audio and video processing, while an HP Pavilion Slimline acts like a giant remote to controls audio volume and color contrast for each individual panel.

All of this technology will set you back about $125,000, so HP is exclusively marketing this device as a commercial tool for businesses to use to engage their customers. From a software standpoint, HP worked with Total Immersion to create a custom version of the D'Fusion augmented reality software, which can integrate 3D interactive graphics into video streams; it sounds like this software can be used to enhance whatever content companies want to display to customers. The whole system runs on Windows 7 and apps can be coded for it using usual suspects like JavaScript, C++, C# and Microsoft Presentation Framework. There's no word when all of this technology will be available, but you can sign up for more info now on HP's site if you're a Canadian or US customer.