Ars Technica is reporting that Apple's media event in New York on Thursday won't necessarily be about generic education partnerships to release textbooks, but instead be an unveil of a new tools that together are described as "GarageBand for e-books." The new tools are said to make interactive ebook creation much easier than currently-available software tools and may partially be based on the now-defunct iWeb software. Ars says that Steve Jobs himself was directly involved in the project for "several years," backing up claims previously seen in Jobs' biography. Apple may also announce support for the ePub 3 standard in iBooks and as a possible output of these new rumored tools.

In addition to the new tools, the Wall Street Journal suggests that Apple will also unveil what many were already expecting: new textbooks that are optimized for the iPad. Apple is also expected to announce partnerships with textbook publishers — McGraw Hill specifically has reportedly been working with Apple, but other companies such as Pearson PLC have also been rumored to have engaged in talks with the company.