Look out, SupaBoy, there's another retro handheld game system in town: it's called the RetroDuo Portable, and it might play more games for longer than you do right now. While the RD Portable doesn't have the fantastic Super NES controller styling of the SupaBoy, its manufacturers do claim it can last well over six hours on a charge (compared to the SupaBoy's two and a half). The RD Portable comes with an adapter, dubbed the RetroPort, which lets you play NES cartridges too. It's got a 3.5-inch LCD screen, fits an extended battery, comes with a two-player controller adapter, two wired controllers, a stand, and an A/V cable to connect it to a TV.According to the pre-order pages at DasCheap, it sounds like it will be on sale for $89.99 around February.

Retro-Bit's also selling the RetroGen, a Sega Genesis adapter, for $19.99, and you'll be able to buy the RetroPort NES adapter separately for that price as well. They're hardware-agnostic, so you could even use them on your SupaBoy or existing SNES! Shoot on over to Engadget for some hands-on pictures and impressions, or take a look at DasCheap's video overview below.