Nokia and Microsoft should make a computer.

It wouldn't be the first time Nokia has made a Windows Computer. But imagine if this reborn company mixed their talent with Microsoft's competent hardware design team to make things like a usable track pad or connecting the software between a Lumia phone with the PC to easily share files or even the ability to respond to SMS messages on your phone from the PC.


A beautiful unibody cyan/ black/ magenta/ yellow/ pink ultrabook could be the long awaited Windows competitor to the MacBook Air. If it had LTE with long battery life I could see a lot of people choosing it over the Air. Black-lit keyboard, high res screen, and HDMI also wouldn't hurt. And if it had a swiveling screen to make it a completely flat tablet (for Windows 8) that would just be perfect. I would rather see it run Intel with Intel graphics over ARM, but that's just me.

What do you think? Would you like to see an ultrabook emerge from the Nokia-Microsoft partnership?