Why Windows Phone won't succeed in the near future..

Yesterday, I got a chance to play with the Lumia 800. It was a beautifully designed phone, both on the hardware and software side. I checked with a few big store to check which one was selling more - the Lumia or the HTC (any of the new 4G models). As usual, they all said that the HTCs were way hotter and 2 of them didn't know they were selling Lumias.

This is bad for a person who loves technology and wants to see more innovation happening. If you look at the picture from the Microsoft' or Nokia's side, it looks terrible. This operating system, that they have invested millions upon millions of dollars, is failing miserably in sales. The last straw of the drowning Nokia has so little recognition that even sales representatives don't know they have it. On the other hand, the suspiciously-similar-to-the-iPhone Android OS is thriving. Quarter after quarter, Samsung and HTC announce record quarters.

If you read more then 10 minutes on why iPhone is succeeding, you will probably be able to boil it down to..

1. Apps

2. Ecosystem

3. Beautifully designed software, with the hardware in mind

4. Great marketing

Windows Phone has almost 2 of them. But there is almost lack of an ecosystem. Windows Marketplace is beary available in 26 countries. Then you have Zune, as a separate platform and Xbox live. Apple has already expanded through most of Europe (even the mostly insignificant Eastern Europe) and parts of Asia, whereas Windows Marketplace lacks apps in some Central European countries. Don't get me wrong - I know that regulations and fragmented licensing deals are pain in the ass when it comes to movies and music, but Apple did it. If Microsoft wants a piece of that (and they clearly want, given the recent shift in management, Nokia deal and every single Windows Marketplace 'milestone'), they should create ONE store for all of Microsoft - Windows OS, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone, similar to iTunes store. If they also want to have competitive advantage over Apple, they should fight for the TV shows - something that Apple has made available to only four countries. They obviously have the money and the lobbying power..

Then, they should concentrate on only ONE phone per year. This phone, similarly to the iPhone, should come to more then the 200 developed countries in less than 3 months.

And what is up with upgrades? I know every manufacturer has to come up with ways to differentiate their phones but 3 months for an upgrade? Really?

Of course, I expect none of that to happen. Microsoft doesn't seem to have the willingness to go through with it. They announce a phone and you have to want for than 2 months to get it, exclusively from AT&T. Create brand awareness and brand love.. nobody is going to even like you from across the ocean if you release exclusive phones to shitty operators.

I don't know what is stopping Microsoft from doing all this.. It is obvious what consumers what. They love and buy the iPhones like crazy. Xbox 360 is one of the best gaming consoles of all times - but is often limited in some countries because of crapy online distribution and ignorance from Microsoft..

There is a lot to love about Microsoft - they are keeping Windows Phone OS with almost no profit and negligible market share. They did the unthinkable, going into a totally new direction with the UI and they crated something beautiful and non-iPhone-like. To have to go the extra mile and crate a truly awesome phone. Maybe a Windows Phone by Microsoft..