When will carriers finally become just our phone service provider?


It seems every time I see a post about some "bullshitty" issue going on a carrier has it's hands in it.

I HAVE A DREAM! I desperately await for the day where I can go to say Microcenter and buy a phone of my choice and use it on the network of my choice. Gone are the days of having to deal with some "bastard" ass company delegating which apps I can or can't have (OS creators do this as well, but sometimes it's at the request of the carrier). I DREAM of the day I can download the latest build of MY OS.. on MY FREAKING PHONE without having to wait in obscurity only to find out that "x" update has been skipped or just not coming to my device because "y" carrier doesn't want to test it.

Microsoft recently caved in to this issue and it ANGERS me so much. Do you guys think I'll live to see my dream realized? Is this TOO much to ask for? Why can't phones be sold like PCs are sold? Why do carriers have so much control over us unlike cable companies and ISPs?