The Greatest Game You've Never Played

I have a massive backlog of games that keeps growing with every passing day. I've sworn off purchasing anything new until I've made a dent in my backlog, but it does little to lessen my longing for whatever new hotness is coming. This backlog has now become something even more frightening...a list the greatest games I've never played.

Gaming 20 years ago was pretty easy. Fewer choices in both system and title offerings meant it was easier to play what ever hot new game was currently out. I fondly remember a 3 month period where I played nothing but Metroid because there was nothing left to play. Well, that and a totally not weird obsession with the Justin Bailey code that may or may not have led to a completely normal fasiciation for woman with colored hair in purplish-pink leotards. But hey, my wife knew what she was getting into when she married. She did have pick hair when we met after-all.

But I digress.

Today's gaming environment is different. Times have changed and with that change comes more platforms and a wider selection of games. As the gaming market has grown, so too has the offerings. However, this buffet has come at a price. There is simply to many games to play, and like more and more gamers I find myself in the difficult position of having to be more selective in my gaming choices. I'm lucky enough to even start a new game let a alone finish one.

This ultimately means that some AAA titles/series will slip through my hands despite my desire to want to play them. This reoccurring problem has now left me with a wish list of games that I long to play. Its a unique list filled with the latest offerings, recent favorites, and a splash of old classics I always sworn to one day getting around too. Sure, I've got your Arkham City on there, and your Battlefield 3. Heck, I've even gotten the Assassin's Creed Series on it even though I own 2 of the damn games.

However, I think the greatest game I've never played (despite, surprisingly enough, owning a copy ) is the original Baldur's Gate. RPGs are my favorite genre, and it pains me to think that I've yet to play one of the most defining entries to every be created. I played the sequel but never got very far since I had little idea was going on and even less patience to continue. I'm a story driven player after all, and I can't stand to experience an epic tale midway. Hopefully someday I'll get to it (gee that sounds familiar) but the more I think about the more I can;t help but feel that it'll always be the greatest game I never played.