Old franchise you'd like to see revived?

I saw this poll recently on another gaming site, and it makes for a pretty good discussion topic. So, the question is, what dead franchise would you like to see come back? To have some fun, let's ignore the actual viability of any of these franchises returning. For me, my number one choice would be Shenmue. The series was so far ahead of its time in 1999 and introduced so many elements that we see today - a modern open world, QTE and (maybe) an early example of machinima with the compilation Shenmue: The Movie. Although Shenmue itself is dead, a lot of its elements live on in its spiritual successor, the Yakuza series. Personally, I've love to see an HD remake of the first two Shenmue games in the Yakuza engine, followed by the long-awaited and likely to never happen Shenmue III.