Not everyone upgrades their handset on a regular basis, and if for whatever reason you've been saddled with the original iPhone or iPod touch for the last several years, you've had to watch as updated hardware revisions brought new iOS enhancements that were simply unavailable to your device. Whited00r, which cobbles together some of the standout features from iOS 4 and iOS 5 — multitasking, folders, background customization, etc. — in an unsanctioned package that seeks to inject new life into Apple's older products. Best of all, the custom firmware can be sideloaded from directly within iTunes without any sort of prior jailbreak.

Though you wouldn't know it at first glance, Whited00r is actually a heavily modified version of iOS 3.1.3 (which legacy devices remain forever stuck on) that's been remodeled with the reflective dock and other UI changes shipped on newer products. Multitasking and folders behave just as you'd expect, and there's also a Reminders app modeled directly after what's found in iOS 5. Still, there are some drawbacks to consider before installing. First, you'll need to continue living without Notification Center functionality, as it's simply not included. Further, the App Store is only accessible by way of Safari direct links; there's no icon for quickly entering Apple's market (though Cydia and free app repository "3store" are offered). iCloud — which admittedly would pose a challenge to duplicate — has been replaced with Dropbox syncing. Finally, the implementation of "Newsstand" here is nothing more than a Whited00r news portal.

Its developers are hyping an announcement tomorrow as the "biggest" yet regarding the project, so perhaps it'd be worth holding off a day before downloading. If you're not into waiting, Whited00r 5.1 is available now for the first and second generation iPod touch along with the original iPhone and iPhone 3G.