Question: Does Multitasking in ICS feel more like iOS now?

Let me start by saying that I loved the Froyo and Gingerbread builds of Android. I've actually been using Android since 1.1 on the G1 and I still love 4.0. I also use iOS 5, mostly on the iPad.

Original Switcher

Previously to switch between apps I would simply long press the home button and select one of the 6 most recently used apps. It was one of those "Whoa!" features that once you discovered it, you couldn't live without it.

But all that changed with ICS.. when I first got my Galaxy Nexus I actually had to stop myself from long-pressing the home button because it had become such a habit. Anyone else? I kept hoping something would happen, it disappointed me that nothing ever happened. I couldn't even set it up how it was before. So sadly my favorite gesture and arguably Android's most popular gesture was taken away.

Now we have a "Multitasking Menu" with its own dedicated button. Let me say this: pressing the new multitasking button in ICS isn't nearly as satisfying as the old "press and hold" method on the home button, in-fact pressing the new button is rather annoying. I'll see lag when pressing it with over 10-or-so apps open.

So this new idea of accessing Multitasking in ICS leads me to my main point...

Does the new way of multitasking in Android feel more like using iOS to anyone else?

iOS 5 Multitasking Bar

In iOS, you simply slide the screen up to reveal a bar with icons of 'running apps'. This is similar to ICS, only Android has a dedicated button and you "swipe" the apps to remove them, which is way easier.


Android's New Multitasking or "Recent Apps" Screen

I feel like its a step back in Android to implement this new multitasking menu (at least on phones). It makes more sense for tablets to have the screenshots, but on the phone it just reminds me too much of the way iOS does it. Hopefully this makes sense to some people.

To be clear I'm not talking about the actual way the operating systems handle multitasking. I'm talking about the gestures and the feeling you get moving between apps on both platforms.

Also it'd be great to hear from people who also use iOS and ICS regularly.