3D Printing and Copyright

You know this debate is coming, maybe not soon, but in 10 years when all those anarchist kids are torrenting plastic screws, phone cases, and basketballs.


via cdn3.sbnation.com

And yes, I know 3D printing right now isn't great, but Microsoft already uses multiple materials and is able to build complete products with multiple moving parts, so it's not too big of a stretch to think this technology will become a household item.

So let's fix this before it starts, these companies need to create certain files with which these printers can take and print their products. Then they give these files to an online distributor (like amazon) who can send the encrypted file to your printer allowing you 1 print if you buy the product.

Some manufacturers could potentially save a lot of manufacturing costs and could allow for some deep user-customization (like on phone cases).

As an amazon prime subscriber, I love cheap 1-day shipping, but you know what! as a spoiled child raised on the internet that's too slow! I want to download my new shoes!