The Public's Misconceptions About SOPA

As almost everyone already knows by now, SOPA is pretty poorly written and should not pass. Thanks to the blackouts yesterday, most people that I know who aren't tech people at all seem to know about it, which is great because everyone should be aware of something that would affect so many people. The bad thing, however, is how they do not know what the bill actually proposes. After just listening to a girl in my chemistry class explain to my teacher that SOPA will make Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc illegal by law and then have another girl argue against it with more false facts, I am saddened to know some of the rallying together of people against this bill has been on somewhat false assumptions. Of course I am glad that so many people are against it, but I feel like someone has failed for this to have been communicated improperly.

Has anyone else had to experience this misconception?