The International Telecommunications Union, the organization that sets the international standards for cellular radio technology, has officially given two new specs the "IMT-Advanced" designation. What that means is that the the ITU has weighed in and ratified the radio technologies that will succeed LTE and WiMAX. The group is calling both LTE-Advanced and WirelessMAN-Advanced (which you might know better as WiMAX Release 2) IMT-Advanced technologies. The decision is certainly no surprise, but necessary for the development and dissemination of the next generation of wireless technology.

We won't get into the argument of whether IMT-Advanced will constitute 5G technology or if we can expect the rate of "G inflation" to increase. When you're talking about radios that theoretically can make "your phone at least 500 times faster than today’s 3G smart phones," we really don't care what they are called.