Do you have a terrible battery performance on your Galaxy Nexus?

In my last post, some mentioned in the comments that the battery on their GN(assuming the Verizon version) only lasted for 4 or 4.5 hours. That to me or anyone is horrible. Does anyone else have this kind of terrible battery performance? Just want to know if this is a big issue for the device.


Based on the comments below, generally, not all that surprising though, the GSM version has better battery performance than the Verizon LTE version, some of which are very bad, 3-4 hours of battery life in a normal day, others are better, 9-10 or even 14-18 hours. While the GSM version, on average, has a 13-14 hours of battery life, which is what I'm having in a normal day, with constant tweeting, Google Plusing, or Facebooking, which is kind of nice. At least it got me through a day without me worrying about it running out power.