Getting in shape is the classic new year's resolution, and GymPact is hoping to capitalize on that with a service that incentivizes users to hit the gym or open their wallet. The service is centered around a check-in app that raises the stakes by having users set up a weekly workout schedule and ante up cash: if you don't meet your weekly goals, GymPact takes your cash and distributes it amongst users who stuck to their schedule. Those who commit to more days at the gym will see a bigger return on the weekly payout, as well. If you think you can game the system by walking past a gym and checking in without actually working out, users need to stay at the gym for at least 30 minutes for it to count. GymPact claims its pilot had a 90 percent success rate at keeping users on their committed schedule, so either the service had some dedicated testers or people are finding other ways of cheating the system.

So long as you hit the gym and check in with the GymPact iOS app (there's an HTML5 app coming soon for users on other platforms), you won't be charged any money, but you had better be ready to put up if you try it out. You can't register without putting in a credit card, and there's no immediately obvious way to cancel your account or change your credit card (though you can take a "break" for as long as you want without your card being charged).

While it might be harder to motivate users if they can easily back out of a pact, it's a disconcerting experience to not be able to immediately remove your personal financial information. However, there is a somewhat-hidden trial membership option that can be found if you click away from the sign-up page, but you're not eligible for any payouts, either. Given the potential for misuse and the difficulty of canceling your account, we'd recommend using caution until there are reports of satisfied users.

Update: GymPact let us know that they're working on adding account management tools, including the ability to cancel your account and change your credit card. In the meantime, you can email them from the "contact us" page if you want to manage or cancel your account.