Logitech MX Revolution

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Reviewed by William Savona (Previously owned)

I remember feeling like there couldn't possibly be a better mouse than the MX Revolution when I bought it while studying graphic design in college (several years ago). For the most part, the MX Revolution was able to maintain that high opinion in daily use for the nearly two years I owned it.

It was expensive. It was big and geeky looking with all its button and wheels. But it was also seriously comfortable and extremely customizable. Once setup to my preferences it was an indispensable part of my work flow. While I was disappointed that the thumb wheel was more of a rocker-style switch than an actual scroll wheel, I was happy to be able to program the forward and back movements of the switch to different commands; something I'd be unable to do if it was an actual scroll wheel.

My biggest complaint about the MX Revolution grew worse with time. The mouse could only be recharged with its companion charging cradle. The problem is that you cannot actually use the mouse while it's physically docked in a cradle. As is the case with any rechargeable battery, the mouse needed to be charge more frequently as it got older. Being unable to replace the battery only made the situation worse. Before I replaced it with its successor, the Performance MX (which instead uses a USB cable to charge), I had to go without a mouse for a couple hours a week while it recharged in the cradle.

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