QuNeo 3D is an open source USB (MIDI or OSC) controller from Keith McMillan Instruments. It features a number of sliders, pads, and rotary sensors — each of which pressure, velocity, and XY location output. If that isn't enough for you, visual feedback is supplied by colored LEDs, so each pad, rotary controller, and slider changes color dependent on the state; for instance, sliding up on a volume bar will show the bar go into the green, yellow, and red. It connects to your computer via mini USB cable.

Videos of this thing have been kicking around since the company started looking for financing on Kickstarter late last year (the company has surpassed the $15,000 goal to secure $165,914 in funding as of the 9th of this month). Still, it was great to finally get our hands on this in person. See for yourself below, or get yours for $200 when they ship in late March or early April of this year.