SkyGrid, makers of the iPad news aggregator app of the same name, has just launched a TV aggregation app known as Touchtv. It's free and available now, but after testing it out, it feels like it falls short of the company's lofty claims of "letting viewers watch their favorite programs anytime, anywhere." While there's 37 channels available into total (including ESPN, NBC, Comedy Central, the Disney Channel, and CNN), there's no full programming currently. Each channel includes a variety of clips like you might find at a network website; NBC, for example, includes a bunch of Leno segments and news clips, but none of its comedy shows like The Office or Parks and Recreation. While the experience isn't great if you're looking for full shows, there are a few areas in which Touchtv feels more useful, particularly sports coverage. The MLB, NBA, and NHL all have channels which are good for catching up on last night's highlights or hearing about a recent trade. Overall, though, Touchtv falls far short of what Hulu or Netflix offer, even though it's free.

In addition to the iPad app launch, Touchtv is also planning to launch on LG's smart TVs, thanks to a new partnership between the two companies. It sounds like it will have the same content as the iPad app has, and should be available sometime during Q1 2012, though full details on the rollout haven't been released yet — Touchtv and LG plan to announce more when LG's newest TVs become available later this year.