windows Phone Marketplace Related Apps Problem??

I have had my Focus S for several months now and there is one thing I have noticed since day one. When I go to a particular app in the market place using the phone (Let's take Zillow for example) and then pivot to related apps section, it NEVER shows apps that are remotely related to the one I am currently viewing. So in the related apps section while on the Zillow (realestate) app page I get "Phone 8," "iFun," "funDroid," "Craiglist A+," "Simple Vibrator." ETC. None of these apps have to do with realestate.

I just went to the marketplace via a pc browser and I get a totally different but also random mix of "related" apps.

To top it all off, when I use the "discover" feature in AppFlow (a WP App that help you find good apps) and search for apps similar to Zillow, it gives me what I would expect, a list of other realestate apps.

Has anyone else noticed this? does the same thing happen for you, if you go to Zillow in the phone marketplace?