In what it describes as an online exclusive, UK catalog retailer Argos is offering Nokia's Lumia 800 for just £119.99 (about $186) with no SIM or contractual commitment in sight. That's a massive discount from the typical price for the handset, which is usually £449.99 at Argos or £399.99 at Amazon UK. So massive, in fact, that we had the sneaking suspicion it may be listed in error, so we called Argos to confirm and, indeed, the price is no mistake.

We were told that the Lumia 800 was already available at its current price from Argos when it first launched, and that the return to the bargain price point may have been prompted by the release of the retailer's new season catalog. It seems like old stock of Nokia's first Windows Phone is being cleared out to make way for the new year's inventory of smartphones. That means if you want to try and secure an ultra-cheap Lumia, now's the time.

Update: That was it, folks. Argos seems to have quickly run through its stock of Lumia 800s as the order button on its web store no longer takes you anywhere. If you were quick enough to get an order in on time, congratulations.

Update 2: In spite of the words of comfort that Argos offered to us over the phone, the company's taken to Facebook to inform its customers that the Lumia 800 was mispriced and all orders at the erroneous price will be cancelled. Cancellation text messages have also been sent out to those who thought they'd managed to complete a successful order.