Let's Get A Little Philosophical: how Does Your Approach to Life Itself Inform Your Approach to Technology?

I recently realized something about myself and gadgets - I am incredibly negative about the things I use. I buy a shiny new toy, fall in love, and then proceed to be an obnoxious ass about every little thing I don't like. I don't think it's an overall negative trait, bitching is an excellent way to discover what you want, but it is the product of my particular worldview. I think that I will, eventually, die and never come back. I want to spend as much time as possible doing things I enjoy. Because of that I simply cannot stand it when an otherwise solid gizmo fails. I want perfection because I hate wasting a precious moment clicking away Clippy or watching a Fake Mahogany bookshelf rotate. I want the tools I use and the toys I play with to add to the (hopefully) rich tapestry of my short life, not detract from it. I didn't meant to start of on too serious serious a note, but that is how I would answer my question. What has everybody else got?