Not so fast Apple University.



Apple, we know, you think you’re on top of content right now. You think that because you conquered the music industry and are conquering the standard publish industry you can now conquer the publishing sector of textbooks. Well, buckle up.

  • Textbook companies simply make too much money to let that kind of profit slip away, they sure as hell aren’t going to let their margins slide. They’ve seen what happens when you take a content industry.
  • Textbook companies are smart and greedy, they make special “editions” and “make for XXXXX University” books. They know how to churn a huge profit and are hungry for more. Trying to cut your 30% from all transactions is just not going to cut it this time.
  • I’ve seen a sample textbook, 2.7GB? You do know the average iPad is of the lowest memory storage, 16GB. I don’t know if your iCloud servers are prepped to handle or are even capable of the surge of holding millions of 3GB books.
  • So, wait, even if this does go through. I have to buy a $500 iPad, THEN buy a $100 book (because the publishers won’t let that price slide), THEN make sure my battery is charged and my iPad does not crack, get stolen, or malfunction.
  • Also, by making so much digital content, get ready for a black-market.