Silicone cases: a scandal.



Case for your phone? Ever bought one? If your phone was over $100, I’m sure you did. Did you buy that case then and there in store? Of course you did. You were swindled by the person selling you the phone to buy accessories. How much did you pay for that case? $25? That’s about 1/4 the price of some phones on contract, for what? Some shitty silicone. I’ve had 4 cases for my iPhone, I haven’t even spent $10 on all of them total. Know how much I paid for my case? $1.17. You are being robbed, everyone is. Stop buying your cases from the same store that sells you phones. There is a markup of up to 500%, sometimes even more. Buy your cases online. Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay. Look around. Especially online. Silicone cases are just one of the thousands of things overcharged for, because consumers are ignorant, and will be taken advantage of accordingly.