The head of the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission), Konrad von Finckenstein, is ending his five-year term this week. On his way out, he expressed his concerns about how the web and mobile phones are preventing regulators from protecting Canadian culture. Sure, lots of people say Canada is just like a more northern US — but the CRTC (at least in the old days) had tools to help it shape a unique Canadian culture, like requirements that radio and television stations devote a certain percentage of their time to homegrown content. Finkenstein says that the regulating agency has outdated laws at its disposal and is powerless to the onslaught of so-called over-the-top broadcasting (i.e. when movies and TV shows are delivered over the internet instead of traditional methods). He even goes as far to say that "we have now moved into an era where the consumer is in control." According to The Globe and Mail, Finckenstein says that the commission needs to reexamine what kind of regulation is needed in this day and age and adapt.