File Sonic, File Share,, VideoBB, VideoZer, and More to close up Shop after MegaUpload Shutdown

After the internet went on a 12 hour strike last wednesday to protest SOPA, the government was forced to vote against the bill, but they still did a huge favor for the entertainment industry last week. As you may have heard the video sharing site Megaupload was shutdown by The US and New Zealand governments due to too much copyrighted content on the site and costing the entertainment industry $500,000,000. Currently 4 employees and CEO Kim Dotcom are under arrest and without bail in NZ, and last week over 5 vintage cars were taken from Dotcom's house. But the government did much more then take down megaupload, they took down every file sharing site with illegal content on it.

Have you ever went to blinkx, or another link sharing site to try and find the TV Show you missed last night? Some of the most common links were probably to sites like Megavideo (Which no longer exists because it was part of megaupload) or VideoBB. You won't be able to do that anymore. Here is a complete list of sites that are closing ( site info from Gizmodo).

File Sonic and FileServe:

Users can now only download files they uploaded.

Users with unmasked IP addresses in the US can no longer use it.

Upload Box:

All files on the service will be deleted on January 30.

VideoBB, VideoZer, FileJungle, Upload Station, File Post:

Ending rewards programs and deleting lots of files and users.

So don't plan on being able to watch that FOX program on the internet the day after without a HuluPlus and Dish subscription anymore.