The Buyout: Who's the Best Fit?

RIM finally figured out that they needed a change at CEO about 2-3 years too late, and the guy they replaced him with appears to have the vision of a mole. Perhaps that is a bit unfair, as he has no track record at this level, but his statements appear to be the same deluded happy-talk that we've been seeing out of RIM for quite some time. This kinda leads me to think that he was chosen for the job not to build the company out of the massive hole they're in, but to get the best deal possible in any potential buy out.

So, with that in mind, who would want to buy RIM, and who might be the best fit?

Microsoft is an obvious candidate, as it would help them solidify their hold on the enterprise market... but they already know how to sync with their own products just fine, and its pretty obvious that they are trying to go after to consumer market ala Apple. And then there is Nokia, who wouldn't be too happy to learn that MS was going to buy a hardware manufacturer.

Google is also a major contender. In fact I think they would be best able to take advantage of RIM's tech and patent portfolio. Plus, it could serve as an in route to the enterprise market that Google has been looking for. Of course, it would also seem somewhat redundant, seeing as how they just bought a major hardware manufacturer, and investors would not be so happy with another huge capital expenditure. But its not like these factors have stopped Google in the past.

Apple? HAH, no.

HP? lulz

Samsung? Well they openly denied rumors of negotiations, but that doesn't really mean much. But honestly, I don't see the play here. Really, they would only be purchasing RIM to remove a competitor from the market. But why pay to do so when either someone else will, or RIM will just die a slow drawn out death on its own? The same is true, from my perspective, for all the other hardware manufacturers, the price just wouldn't justify a buy, b/c no matter the stock value, RIM will always be worth more to a tech company, than to a manufacturer.

Anyway, those are just a few of my own thoughts on the matter. I'm sure there are other possible players that I've missed. So what do ya'll think? Who's the most likely/unlikely and why? Is a sale even going to happen, or will the proverbial captain go down with the ship?